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Chris Arnold, owner of Arnold Hearing Centres

A Personal Message From
Chris Arnold

Many years ago, when my wife Stacey and I took over Arnold Hearing Centres when John Arnold (my Father) retired, our goal was to make a difference. This many years later and nothing has changed. We have opened numerous locations in an effort to help those who need it.

We are always looking for passionate members of the community who want to share this goal with us. This is more than a job or career to us, it’s something we have all been working towards since University and we are excited and lucky enough to be able to continue with it.

If you want to join us and help your family, friends, and peers identify and treat their hearing loss then I would love to meet you. This isn’t a job for everyone but for the few of us that love it, we wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

Who We Are

Arnold Hearing Centres is an award-winning hearing clinic that has been operating as an independent family-owned business since 1950. We currently have five full-time clinics in Southern Ontario; Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Simcoe.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality and most complete hearing healthcare possible. We promise to do everything we can to make sure everyone is satisfied and delighted throughout their journey to better hearing. Superior customer service is what we strive for.

Our Core Values

The 6 Rules We Live and Breathe


Our experience and dedication give us the confidence to face any hearing issue that comes our way.


We couldn’t effectively serve as many people as we do without a system that we stick to day in and day out.

Sense Of Humour

Helping people is something we find joy in, therefore it’s easy for us to have a laugh and relax when the time is right.

Team Player

Many of us have been working together for years and we’ve become a very strong-knit squad. We are always open to new members and hope they can add to our already incredible team dynamic.


Every day is different around here and our goal is to always help our patients, however that happens. It’s not always set in stone and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to whatever the world and our patients throw at us.


We saved the best for last, having this core value will help you achieve the others. We look for good people to join our team and are willing to work with anyone we believe will be an asset. Being truthful and upfront is something we value as hearing professionals and Canadian citizens.

Benefits Of Joining Our Team

1 - Fun Atmosphere

Just because we’re a medical office doesn’t mean we’re boring. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

2 - Part of the Family

We want everyone to look forward to coming to work and when you’re part of a family, it makes that commute a lot more bearable.

3 - Learn and Train with Some of the Best in the Hearing Business

We hope we can help you as much as you help our patients. Learning from our experienced professionals can help catapult your career with the right mindset.

4 - Benefits

We want your focus to be on helping our patients. We take care of you when you’re not at the office so you can enjoy your well-earned time off.

5 - Bonus Programs

We want our team to be rewarded for the work they do. We always keep striving for more and are happy to present those who go above and beyond.
Sarah Funkenhauser, HIS with Tijana Jefic, HIS and Chris Arnold. HIS
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing
Arnold Hearing

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