Conestogo's Gateway to Comprehensive Hearing Care: Arnold Hearing Centres in Elmira

Welcoming Conestogo Residents to Advanced Hearing Solutions

Arnold Hearing Centres is delighted to extend its renowned hearing care services to the residents of Conestogo from our Elmira location.

With a legacy spanning over seven decades, our family-owned practice is committed to enriching the lives of individuals through superior hearing health solutions.

Just a short journey from Conestogo, our Elmira clinic is equipped to address all your hearing needs with precision and empathy.

Our Services Include:

  • Hearing Assessments: Thorough evaluations designed to pinpoint your specific hearing challenges.
  • Advanced Hearing Aid Technology: Access the latest innovations in hearing aids for unparalleled sound quality and ease of use.
  • Children’s Hearing Services: Specialized care to support the auditory development of the youngest members of the Conestogo community.
  • Tinnitus Solutions: Expert advice and strategies to manage and alleviate tinnitus symptoms.
  • Earwax Removal: Gentle and effective removal of earwax buildup to improve hearing clarity.
  • Custom Ear Protection: Tailor-made earmoulds and protection for those exposed to noisy environments, preserving your hearing health.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance: Ensuring your hearing aids function optimally with our comprehensive repair and maintenance services.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Crafting bespoke solutions that align with your lifestyle, preferences, and hearing needs.

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Why Arnold Hearing Centres?

For those living in Conestogo, choosing Arnold Hearing Centres means selecting a partner dedicated to your auditory well-being. Our proximity to Conestogo makes high-quality hearing care accessible, ensuring you receive the attention and services necessary for a fulfilling auditory experience. Our team, passionate about making a difference, looks forward to welcoming you and guiding you toward improved hearing.

Visit Our Elmira Clinic

Embark on a path to better hearing by visiting our clinic in Elmira, where cutting-edge care meets heartfelt hospitality.

Conestogo Location:

315 Arthur Street South
Unit E3, Elmira, ON
N3B 3L5

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(519) 669-3131

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The Different Ways We
Help Local Families

Hearing Assessments

When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

One of the biggest challenges with hearing loss is that it comes on so slowly that it’s impossible to notice the day-to-day changes. This slow development has contributed to hearing loss becoming the third most common physical health condition in America, which is predicted to double by 2050 according to the WHO.

In spite of the fact that the only way to know the truth about whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss is through regular non-invasive hearing assessments, many people put off hearing tests, putting themselves at greater risk of ongoing damage that leads to a number of serious negative mental and physical health problems.

Regardless of whether you or a loved one believes to be experiencing hearing loss or it’s been a while since your last hearing test, you’re probably due for a professional hearing assessment.

Hearing Aid Technology

Discrete, Highly Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

If you’re like most people, those bulky, frustrating gadgets our parents or grandparents wore are probably what comes to mind whenever hearing aids are mentioned. Holding onto that outdated stigma causes many people to avoid addressing their hearing challenges.

You’ll be surprised to learn that modern hearing aid technology makes hearing aids smaller, lighter and more discreet to wear. In fact, many of the patients we work with tell us that their friends and/or colleagues have never noticed they are wearing a hearing device.

Today’s hearing aids feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation, more powerful sound processing, and the capability to stream music, phone calls, and audio from your smartphone, television or PC directly to your hearing aids. In short, modern hearing aids amplify your life as much as they amplify your hearing.

Earwax Removal

Dealing With Earwax The Right Way Is Critical

As a part of your body’s natural means of cleaning dirt and debris from your ears, earwax is a good thing, but when it builds up to a certain level, it can cause significant problems. Besides causing sounds to become muffled, earwax buildup can lead to stuffiness in your ears, dizziness, headaches, balance issues, infections, and ear pain.

Most people grab a cotton swab, a bobby pin, or some other small object to dig built-up earwax out of their ears, risking damage that can be far worse than the original problem. Our hearing care experts want to help prevent damage to your ears while helping you maintain the delicate balance between helpful and harmful earwax.

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing or ear health problems due to a buildup of earwax, let our professionals deal with your earwax the right way with safe and effective earwax removal.

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To the wonderful residents of Conestogo, your journey towards enhanced hearing and quality of life begins with Arnold Hearing Centres in Elmira.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your hearing, explore advanced hearing technologies, or receive professional advice on managing tinnitus, our team is here to assist you. Reach out today to schedule your visit and take the first step towards better hearing and communication.

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Meet the Team

Patient Stories

Larry Martin - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

All of the audiologists I've had at Arnold have been really good at customer service. It may be in part because there has been so much improvement in technology, but my most recent audiologist was simply extraordinary

- Larry Martin

Donna U, - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

The professional staff are there for you and are willing to answer any questions and to work with you to make the most of your ability.

- Donna U.

Natalie Carruthers - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Arnold will take care of you the moment you step through the doors. They're knowledgeable and patient – you will become one of the family.

- Natalie Carruthers

 Shelly Resendes - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Finally feels like I have my life back

- Shelly Resendes

Frank Fazekas - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Go get it checked out. I did.

- Frank Fazekas

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