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Nobody should have to deal with the pain of watching their parents, spouse, or grandparents lose their hearing, their personality, and their confidence.

Yet hundreds of local families experience this challenge every year.

Having helped local families for over 70 years – and as a family business ourselves – it’s been a huge mission of ours to ensure that families like yours stay connected through better hearing.

Through a methodical process of best practices established over three generations, Arnold Hearing Centres is the most trusted family-focused hearing care provider with a team of fifteen hearing care experts across five locations.

With our Kitchener location gaining a reputation for delivering high levels of hearing care with a big heart and soul, you’ll be working with a team of most respected hearing specialists in the area.

If you have any questions or need any form of advice, then you can request a callback or call us at 519-742-9494

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Why Should You Trust
Arnold Hearing Centres

Hearing loss is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life. It’s why choosing the right hearing care partner is such a significant decision.

The biggest question that you should always be asking when deciding who to choose as your hearing care partner is “Can I trust you?”

One of the best ways to understand if you can trust a clinic is if they’re able to prove or back up the claims that they make.

  • If they say they’ve helped thousands of people, can they prove it?
  • If they say they have a combined experience of 200 years, can they prove it?
  • If they say they have a 5-star reputation, can they prove it?

To make our case for why you can trust Arnold Hearing Centres, we’re going to outline five key things about us that we believe are the reasons that you should choose us – with proof.

Our hope is that this will provide you with all the evidence that you need to trust us and choose us as your hearing care partners to achieve a lifetime of better hearing.

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#1 - We Have Been Supporting The Community with Better Hearing Since 1950

Started by my grandfather, then passed to my father and then passed to me – this is a family business with a big legacy, and I feel truly honoured to continue that same legacy and pass it to my children in the future.

Here are some wonderful pictures that have been passed down:

Old Arnold hearing assessment pictures

The good news for future generations of Arnold Hearing Centres is that there’s no shortage of photography of this generation!

#2 – We’ve Helped Thousands of Local People to Achieve Better Hearing

Over the past 73 years, we’ve had the honour of helping thousands of people on their journey to better hearing and have supported multiple generations of families through the process.

Here’s a screenshot of our patient system that shows the 24,734 patients that we’ve had the pleasure of supporting.

full database

If you also want to read some of the hearing loss journeys of a handful of our patients and learn how we played a key role in helping them to achieve better hearing, then click here.

#3 – We’re Trusted by Many Incredible Local People

The above shares the quantity of people that we have helped on their journey to better hearing, but let’s look at some of those people in more depth.

Below are some wonderful community partners sharing their experience of working with the Arnold Hearing Centres team.

Firstly, we have Mike Farwell who is the well-known radio host at 570 News and the creator of the Farwell 4 Hire charity for Cystic Fibrosis:

“Soon after launching our fundraising campaign, we learned the value of community partnerships. Over the years, Arnold Hearing Centres have been an invaluable partner in moving us closer to a cure for cystic fibrosis. Chris and Stacey were quick to embrace our fundraising efforts, supporting us financially and helping us reach into their network. Year after year, their willingness to be involved in our campaign has been a big reason we’ve exceeded our goals. When it comes to a community-minded business, it’s hard to think of one that embodies that spirit better than Arnold Hearing Centres.”

Secondly, given our partnerships with local charities, especially many local food banks, we asked Kim Wilhelm, the interim CEO of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region to share her experience of working with us:

“Arnold Hearing Centres is known for helping families in the communities they serve, including Kitchener-Waterloo. We’re grateful to Arnold Hearing Centres for being a community partner, supporting and advocating for The Food Bank of Waterloo Region through a variety of activities and initiatives, including sponsoring Food & Fund Drives and volunteering for food sorting activities. Together, we are making sure that the one in 14 households struggling to put food on the table in our region have access to the food their families need to thrive.”

Thirdly, we have the incredible race car driver, J. R. Fitzpatrick. Here’s what he had to say:

“From day one putting in my hearing aids on at age of 2 to fast forward 33 years later, I still put my trust into a family that cares about my needs. Every time I need an adjustment or a repair, things are not done half ass. Whether it is racing and communicating with the team or everyday social skills, I feel I have never missed out on a conversation, thanks to Arnold Hearing Centres.”

Finally, we have Craig Campbell, the executive director of the Rangers Reach Community Fund. Here’s what he had to say:

“Arnold Hearing Centres has been a dedicated and impactful sponsor and partner for Rangers Reach since we incorporated in 2019. Through sponsorships of community 50/50 raffles, donations of early bird prizes and sharing our programs and messages, Chris and Stacey Arnold and their team have contributed to the impact Rangers Reach has had and continues to grow in Waterloo Region. As a non-profit organization, support from local partners is imperative to our operation. We are so grateful for businesses like Arnold Hearing Centres who see the value of community and are always willing to pitch in to our efforts in whatever way possible.”

If you would like to hear from more local people sharing their experience of partnering with Arnold Hearing Centres, then click here.

#4 – We’re Passionate About Giving Back to the Community

A big part of the DNA of Arnold Hearing Centres is giving back to this wonderful community. We try to do all we can to support local charities where needed and gift our time back to special causes.

This past September, we worked with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region to ensure we can help more families to enjoy the holiday festivities that they deserve.

From collecting donations in each of our locations to packing them and supporting the food bank, it’s all hands on deck as we support this community.

Giving back to the community

We also supported a number of other local causes and charities, including the big annual Salvation Army Toy Drive, as you can see through our Give Back page by clicking here.

#5 – Our Family Values are Incredibly Important

As a family business, it’s incredibly important that our team is a family.

Over the years, we have grown our staff based on the highest family values to ensure each and every member of our team lives and breathes our core values.

Here are those core values:

core values

These are on our website and within our offices to ensure the priorities of the Arnold Hearing Centres family stay top of mind.

These are also reflected by team get-togethers, trips away and the tight-knitted relationship throughout our vastly experienced team.

We often post about these on our Facebook page as you can find here.

Our most recent trip was in Blue Mountain for a weekend with 31 of our staff and their families!

blue mountain weekend

All it takes is an appointment at our offices, and you’ll instantly feel the warmth of our family!

Meet the Team

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Care Coordinator

Owner & Hearing Instrument Specialist

Patient Stories

Larry Martin - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

All of the audiologists I've had at Arnold have been really good at customer service. It may be in part because there has been so much improvement in technology, but my most recent audiologist was simply extraordinary

- Larry Martin

Donna U, - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

The professional staff are there for you and are willing to answer any questions and to work with you to make the most of your ability.

- Donna U.

Natalie Carruthers - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Arnold will take care of you the moment you step through the doors. They're knowledgeable and patient – you will become one of the family.

- Natalie Carruthers

 Shelly Resendes - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Finally feels like I have my life back

- Shelly Resendes

Frank Fazekas - Arnold Hearing Centres success story

Go get it checked out. I did.

- Frank Fazekas

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