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Natalie was born and bred in Kitchener and considers herself a K-town girl through and through. She attended Cameron Heights (go Gaels!), the University of Waterloo and most recently, Conestoga College.

It was early in the pandemic when Natalie reevaluated her work life and determined that although she had a good job, she wasn’t happy where her career was heading. The old adage “Life is Short” became a guiding principle in her decision making, and so she decided to enter the world of hearing healthcare.

As a hearing health professional, Natalie can do all the things she loves: helping people, educating and supporting clients one on one and being authentic. Having worn hearing aids since she was three years old, Natalie has firsthand experience within hearing care.

At Arnold Hearing Centres, Natalie’s daily responsibilities include conducting audiometric tests and screenings, hearing aid clean and checks, ear checks and wax removals.

Natalie loves working for an independent local business as well as working on a small team, helping clients on their hearing care journeys and educating clients and their loved ones about the world of hearing. She also enjoys the variety in her workday – whether it’s a variety of tasks or the variety of clients that visit. She likes that she is constantly learning.

When she’s not at work, Natalie relishes the restaurant scene in KW, reading, exercising and spending time with her husband and son. She also has two adorable cats, aka her fur babies.

If you could have dinner with one person, who would you choose?
My grandma. She was such a force, and I would love to have a chance to thank her for all she did.
What is your favourite sports team?
Despite my history of playing sports, there is no one team I’m loyal to. I enjoy World Cup soccer – the spirit and the energy of the tournament is contagious. I like watching both the men’s and women’s teams and hope to catch a few matches in the 2026 World Cup. My husband and I caught a few games at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It was amazing.
What is your favourite food?
There really are too many delicious foods out there, but if I have to choose, I’d choose my mom’s homemade pasta. Fresh pasta is wonderful. It’s so versatile, so delicious.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Back to Italy. There’s much to explore, much to eat. I’ll never forget the first artichoke I had in Rome (I had it a few times); the steak in Florence. Nomnomnom. Oh, and the wine. 

What’s your all-time favourite TV show/series?

The Crown, Lupin, Rome, VEEP, Mad Men, Ozark
Natalie Carruthers, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Arnold Hearing Centres

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