As one of the world’s leaders in hearing aid technology and sales, we always get excited when Bernafon releases a new product. Most of the time, they are not the innovators of cutting-edge technology, but they are focused on how their products perform at the customer level to provide optimal service.

Focusing on tangible features such as comfort, compatibility and ease-of-use has always been their priority. But this new edition of the Alpha has improved technology that caught our eye.

When it comes to new products, we prefer to review them ourselves as soon as they come out so we are prepared to answer all your questions. We anticipate this offering being able to help many people here in our Southern Ontario community. Here are the reasons for that. 

Bernafon Alpha 9 hearing aid

My Thoughts on Bernafon Alpha 9.

When people ask us for a more comfortable sound, we always steer them in the direction of Bernafon.

Be it listening to TV, going to a concert, the opera, or even the movies, Bernafon seems to have the right hearing aid technology for those environments.

What I like most is that Bernafon just works. It’s easy to use and is reliable when you need it.

Bernafon Alpha 9 Features at a Glance

Hybrid Technology – This is why these hearing aids are so powerful and capable of helping so many people. They combine all their years of experience to create the most comprehensive hearing aids that Bernafon has ever produced.

Pinna Effect – This breakthrough provides the most comfort you can get in a hearing aid. They follow the contours of your outer ear, so you feel like they are not even there when you wear them.

Connectivity Advancements – Up until now, Bernafon Alpha only offered connectivity to Apple products, but that has changed. They are now compatible with Android products as well so you can connect to your phone, tablet, laptop, TV or anything else that is Bluetooth enabled.

Feedback Prevention – We have patients who sometimes experience feedback in their hearing aids, which produces a very uncomfortable whistling noise. These hearing aids have addressed and solved that problem, so your focus is always on the conversation.

Remote Care – Using the app that is connected to your Bernafon Alpha 9s, you can connect directly with your audiologist to troubleshoot any problems. In doing so, your audiologist can adjust your hearing aids without you having to bring them in physically.

To Find Out If These Will Help You, Schedule A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment Right Now.

In-Depth Analysis of Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology is new for Bernafon, so the particulars are a bit difficult to come by. This is so they can maintain their competitive edge. We were able to dig up some details to try and better understand why these hearing aids are getting so much positive attention.

  • Hybrid Feedback Canceller eliminates uncomfortable feedback signals within milliseconds before they become audible and cause irritation or further damage to your hearing.
  • Hybrid Sound Processing technology uses two strategies simultaneously for increased sound quality and speech intelligibility.
  • Hybrid Noise Management carefully reduces noise in crowded spaces when necessary to improve speech understanding while also preserving the natural sounds of your environment.
  • Hybrid Balancing personalizes sound amplification based on the user’s individual preferences after the settings have been optimized by your audiologist.
bernafon 9 hearing aids colours

Who Will Benefit Most

While these aren’t the tiniest hearing aids on the market, nor do they have all the premium features that something like the Starkey Evolv 2400 has, they are great for anyone on the go.

They’re small enough and ultra-comfortable to wear all day during work and still run errands afterward. The strong battery only needs to be charged once a day so that it will last for all your day and evening activities.

With the connection technology and ability to cancel out background noise, anyone who frequents busy environments will be pleased with the performance.

As hearing aid technology constantly improves and more manufacturers bring new advancements and improvements to the table, there’s a lot to consider when looking into your hearing aids. We make sure to test and review tech as impartially as we can, so that our patients can see which hearing aids would work best for them and their unique hearing needs. 

The high-tech, low-fuss Jabra Enhance Plus and the sleek, powerful Phonak Lumity 90 are two models that you should look into if you’re spoiled for choice with your hearing aids. 

Final Verdict

Even with all these great features and advanced technology, you can’t get the most out of them unless you get a proper fitting at the very beginning. We are trained to be able to fit and program these so they address your specific hearing issues.

We always start with a comprehensive hearing assessment that will give us a blueprint of how you are hearing. It also identifies the details of your hearing issues.

Armed with this information, we can safely and accurately fit you with your set of Bernafon Alpha 9 hearing aids so you can get back to enjoying the things you love.

Contact us immediately so we can answer any personal questions you have about this amazing product for yourself or a loved one.

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