New hearing aids are being released all the time, and our duty to the community is to ensure they are what they say they are.

Starkey is the fifth largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world and has a very impressive line of products. They are the only major hearing aid maker in the US, so it’s nice having them right next door.

Starkey released their AI line of hearing aids in early 2021, but they have already improved upon them. The 2400 series is the creme de la creme that Starkey, and arguably anyone, makes right now.

We are very impressed with the features and want everyone in Southern Ontario to know about their capabilities so you can get the healthiest hearing possible. 

Who Will Benefit Most from the Starkey Evolv 2400?

Since these are some of the most advanced hearing aids on the market right now, many millions of people can benefit from the technology and features. However, they will most help those who lead active and busy lifestyles.

Unfortunately, hearing loss can strike at any age, so if you or a loved one is still in the midst of building a career, then you would make great candidates for these.

They are great for travelling due to their versatility and long-lasting battery life. They’re also advanced in the area of background noise, so if you attend frequent gatherings, such as office brainstorming or company dinners, you’ll be able to hear everything.

Starkey Evolv 2400 hearing aid

My Thoughts on Starkey Evolv 2400.

Starkey are by far the most popular hearing aids at Arnold Hearing Centres. The sound quality is fantastic and typically have very little down time.

They have pioneered some great health features on their Starkey Thrive app. These health sensors and AI not only make the Evolv a great hearing aid, but an indispensable health monitoring system.

I’m always excited to see what Starkey has coming next!

To Find Out If These Will Help You, Schedule A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment Right Now.

Features of the Starkey Evolv 2400

Total Health Tracking – If you’re familiar with FitBit, then you already know the benefits they offer. These hearing aids can count your steps, offer advice and even alert assistance if you fall.

Advanced Algorithms – Decades of hearing aid expertise have gone into these, and you will notice it right away with the speed and accuracy of all the processing features. For something so small, it’s incredible how much circuitry and technology can fit in them.

Remote Adjustments – Sometimes, your hearing aids need to be adjusted should you change environments drastically. You should never restrict your schedule or life due to inadequate hearing aids. These are equipped with a remote adjustment feature. Meaning we can adjust them without you having to come into the office or even be in the province.

Find Your Hearing Aids – It happens to all of us; we misplace our keys, glasses, TV remote and sometimes our hearing aids. You will be able to find your hearing aids before anything else because they are connected to the intuitive app so that you can locate them quickly.

Language Translation – Yes, there is even a feature that transcribes languages so you can understand everything being said better than anyone else.

Bluetooth – Easily connect to your phone, laptop and TV so you always get the most optimal volume for you. Use this feature as well to receive hands-free phone calls.

starkey evolv 2400 colours

How Does It Stack Up to Other Hearing Aids?

This is one of the most advanced sets of hearing aids ever to hit the market. Evolv 2400 is the flagship offering from Starkey, and they have set a very high bar.

While other hearing aids offer similar functions, they don’t offer them all in one unit. The total health feature is something that is unique and that we endorse fully.

Improving your hearing is one thing, but if your hearing aids can help you improve your overall health or prevent you from injury, then it’s a call to all hearing aid manufacturers to catch up.

Final Verdict

Products like this get us even more excited about our work than we already are. This is something we only dreamed of 20 years ago and sounds like something out of a movie.

We proudly offer Starkey products but caution everyone to still have the proper care done first. A hearing aid is only as good as its fitter, so getting the proper adjustments and settings at the beginning is crucial.

If you think these may be the right ones for you, then schedule a consultation right now, and we’ll discuss your next steps.

Hearing is very personal, and we want to ensure you’re getting the right product before investing. Contact us anytime with all your questions.

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