Not long ago, we announced that we would be giving away free hearing aids to those in Kitchener, Guelph, Simcoe, and Waterloo.

To take part in our Hear for the Holidays giveaway, all you had to do was nominate someone close to you, sharing their story and explaining why you think they deserve to win.

It was our way of giving back to the community that serves us, helping to change four local people’s lives for the better.

With a remarkable 45 nominations sent in, we were truly stunned by each one. It truly brought a tear to our eyes.

So, without further ado, we would like to announce the winners of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway as Sharon Henderson, Rosemary Nolan, Susan Damon, and John Featherstone.

Each winner was invited into the clinic for a comprehensive fitting of their brand-new hearing aids, as well as a hearing assessment, free of charge.

We hope you enjoy reading their stories just as much as we did.

Guelph Winner, Sharon Henderson:

Sharon has suffered from a hearing loss for many years now. While she does currently wear hearing aids, their performance has slowly decreased over time, meaning her hearing has taken the hit.

Nominated by her daughter, Lindsay Brydges, she wanted to provide her with a gift of a lifetime and change her life for the better.

She said, “I know she appreciates every day being given this gift of hearing and does not deserve a life without it.

“Being updated with new ones would not only be extra special, but it would also give her a better and reassuring longer life span of hearing.”

Kitchener Winner, Rosemary Nolan:

Rosemary spends much of her time caring for her younger sister who, unfortunately, has a hole in her heart due to health complications. She takes her shopping, drives her to all her appointments, and tries her best to make her feel safe and cared for.

She is quietly spoken and a good listener, but her hearing has started to hold her back and she has to strain herself just to hear.

Nominated by her cousin, Jane Stevens, she believes that Rosemary is a “truly special person.”

Waterloo Winner, Susan Damon:

As described by others, Susan is an extraordinary lady, who is always available to help others. She is well-liked by staff, tutors, students, and anyone who gets the chance to meet her.

What makes her special is that she will take the time to be there for all of her tutors and students, as well as celebrate each of her student’s successes. With that said — at Christmas — Susan is known to have her desk filled with cards and gifts.

Nominated by her co-worker, Joyce Baker, she noticed that her hearing aids were slowly deteriorating and not providing her with the benefit she needed.

Just recently, her husband was forced to close his business due to COVID, which meant that they cannot afford to purchase hearing aids.

Joyce said, “Sue does not spend much money on herself. She has lived very simply and economically since I have known her.

“I would love if Sue was given the joy of hearing through complimentary hearing aids by Arnold Hearing Centres. It would be a great benefit to her at work and in everyday life.”

Simcoe Winner, John Featherstone:

Like many others, John has suffered many complications since the start of the pandemic. Operating a travel business, Featherstone Travel, he is a hardworking man that suffered a rough few years.

His hearing loss is just another complication that has been added to his life, further halting his communication with others.

We were delighted to award all four winners with a pair of hearing aids, as well as access to
expert audiological care.

The winners were invited into the clinic to have their comprehensive hearing assessment and a custom mold of their brand-new hearing aids.

This is one way that we hope to give back to the community in Kitchener, Guelph, Simcoe, and Waterloo.

A big thank you on behalf of everyone at Arnold Hearing Centres to Starkey Canada and Bernafon Canada for donating the hearing aids for our winners!

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Chris Arnold - Owner & HIS

Growing up in Kitchener, Ontario, Chris went to Durham and George Brown College. As the owner of Arnold Hearing Centres, he manages all locations, as well as handles all the marketing, reporting, meetings, and makes sure that both the staff and patients have a positive experience. Ultimately, there is a lot of pressure on Chris to ensure he delivers results year after year, but he credits the clinic’s success down to the amazing staff that has now become family. Truly, he enjoys working alongside everyone each day.