We are a local business ourselves, and as such, we want to contribute as much as we can to our surrounding community. However, we are not the only ones. It takes many people to create our amazing neighbourhoods, and we want to give them the recognition they deserve.

This time we want to bring your attention to a place that has been operating since 1992. Their food and drinks have been putting smiles on local and tourist faces for over three decades.

If you ask me, they deserve to be featured on the Food Network, but for now, this will have to do. If you’ve never tried The Blue Elephant, this is your sign.

What’s Not to Love?

Simcoe is growing fast, and The Blue Elephant is no different. What was once a small brewery has become a full-service brewery, pub, and banquet facility.

Even if you don’t like beer, you can enjoy yourself here with a lovely atmosphere. Summertime is the busiest as we get many tourists from all over Canada to visit.

We are very proud of this since Canada is so beautiful everywhere that all Canadians have many options when choosing where to spend their valuable vacation time.

There are many areas to sit and relax, including a gorgeous patio. It’s common to see people visiting the Blue Elephant more than once during their stay in town.

Make Sure You Try These Items

Choosing the best dish here is a hotly debated topic around our office. There is so much to choose from that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. Instead, I had to include a few different items that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Baked Brie & Fruit Salsa — This is what Blue Elephant is all about. Farm fresh items that are prepared creatively. This tangy cranberry and fruit mixture pairs perfectly with warm brie. I’m a sucker for anything with brie, and the grilled naan just takes it to another level.

Lamb Steak with Grilled Shallots — You must time your visit perfectly to get this gem. It’s a seasonal dish that all depends on if they can locally source high-quality lamb. But when they do, this plate would fit right in at any of the fanciest restaurants in downtown Toronto.

Fish & Chips — I know everyone thinks their local watering hole has the best fish and chips, but you can’t claim that until you try all of them. I can assure you this is a memorable one. There’s something about using their own beer in the batter that makes these fish and chips stand out.

Check Out Their Delicious Menu and Location Here

What Keeps Locals Coming Year After Year

  • Norfolk county has a vast array of local fruit, vegetable, and farm animals to keep everyone here on their toes. We are lucky to have experienced chefs who use their local knowledge to create dishes that belong on the pages of fine cuisine magazines. 
  • In addition to that is the front-of-house staff that is eager to greet you and is very helpful with the menu. At first glance, the menu can be a bit overwhelming, but with a little assistance from your knowledgeable server, you’ll have a delicious meal in no time. 
  • Beer, and lots of it. No matter the season, Blue Elephant has a beer ready to suit your mood. Their beer list is too long to fit here but if you’re looking for something to cap off a great summer, look no further than their Summer Harvest Strawberry Lager. Get it soon, before they sell out, or you’ll have to wait until the Summer of 2023. 
  • What may surprise you that the locals know all too well is the Thai food options. Don’t overlook this part of the menu, as nothing goes better with a cold brew than an authentic Thai egg roll. 

Where to Find Them

Once you find Simcoe, it’s easy to find the Blue Elephant. They are conveniently located on the main street right in the middle. It offers excellent views of our little town so you can soak in whatever season you visit. 

If you’ve read this far, then let me reward you with a little tidbit of local knowledge. Ask to sit in the step-up room; it’s a quiet little space that not everyone knows about. 

You can check out their menu here to get your mouth watering or head straight there via this map

Next time you’re in our office, let us know what you had. We’re always looking for new hidden secrets on their food and beer menus.


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Murielle Poulin, Hearing Care Coordinator

Murielle’s roots are traced back to Corbeil, Ontario, where her younger days were spent in the countryside, growing up on a farm. Soon after, she moved to North Bay and attended many French schools, including high school. As a patient care coordinator, her day-to-day role at work involves making phone calls, arranging appointments, and reminding patients about their upcoming visits. She also contacts patients to make appointments for their 3-to-4-week check-ups. While there are many aspects of the role that challenge Murielle, the best part about her day is interacting with the patients, whether it’s by phone or an office visit. Equally, she wouldn’t be able to do her role without the supportive team at Arnold Hearing Centres. Due to the nature of her role, she gets the opportunity to experience some life-changing moments. In one instance, she had a patient that was an elderly woman who was legally blind, wore two hearing aids, and was super independent. As the years went on, she became frail and required her daughter to attend visits. At her cleaning appointment, she needed several parts for her hearing aid, however, we were currently out of stock. Murielle, out of generosity, donated hers to the old lady without causing a fuss. Years later, she told her daughter how thoughtful it was that she had done that. It was a complete surprise to Murielle, as she wasn’t aware that the old lady knew she had done this. A few weeks later, she passed away. This interaction has stuck with Murielle forever and is a true representation of her gentle nature. Outside of the clinic, Murielle loves to bake, cook, and share her dishes with friends. It’s her way of relieving stress!