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You’re Invited To The Arnold Hearing Family Even If You Purchased Your Hearing Device Elsewhere

Managing hearing loss involves more than just fitting you with an advanced technology hearing device. In truth, ongoing care and expert support are even more valuable when it comes to being able to enjoy a rich and independent lifestyle in full sound.

The Arnold Hearing Centres family is concerned about a development that is becoming more and more common. Because many people are purchasing their hearing devices online, through a big box store, or from a hearing device dispenser, they’re discovering that they’re left out in the cold when it comes to ongoing service or support.

Can you relate to this problem? Do you find it difficult or next to impossible to get the troubleshooting, programming, adjustment, maintenance and ongoing support you need in order to get the most benefit from your hearing aids?

Because we’re really big on family helping family, Arnold Hearing Centres would like to adopt you into our family of hearing aid users, which is why we set up a specialized treatment plan just for you. We call it our Adoption Plan.

We’ve made it possible for people like you who have bought their hearing devices elsewhere but who want and need access to the advanced hearing care, technical support, and professional expertise of a doctor of audiology to get exactly what they need.

A major benefit that comes along with our Adoption Plan is the priority treatment you’re given by our team of hearing experts, meaning you will receive ongoing care, treatment, and support by a local provider in order to ensure that your hearing devices deliver their best performance day in, day out.

To meet the unique hearing care needs, preferences, and budget of everyone who joins our family, we offer two Adoption Plan options.

Adoption Plan

This option is available to individuals who purchased their hearing aids elsewhere, but they’re not programmed to address their specific hearing loss needs.


  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment – used to gather the information necessary to program your device
  • 17-Point Fitting Process – we use this to ensure that every patient is completely satisfied and gets the most benefit from their device
  • 2 follow-up appointments – to ensure you’re getting on just fine
  • Quarterly hearing device performance check and cleanings for one year – ensures that your device is performing as designed

$550/Hearing Aid

Service Plan

Those who purchased their hearing device elsewhere that were programmed to address their specific hearing loss can take advantage of this option, which involves providing support service for the device itself.


  • Hearing instrument cleanings
  • Hearing instrument programming and adjustments
  • Hearing instrument firmware updates
  • In-office repairs, including earmold tubing, microphone covers, wax guards, receiver domes, and battery doors
  • Annual hearing assessment

$150/Year for Each Hearing Aid

A senior gentleman having his hearing aid fitted at Arnold Hearing Centres
Hearing aid repair expert of Arnold Hearing Centres repairing a hearing aid

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