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Discrete, Highly Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Most of us think of those bulky, clunky gadgets our parents or grandparents wore whenever prescription hearing aids are mentioned. That outdated stigma is among the biggest reasons people avoid addressing their hearing challenges.

Our team of hearing instrument specialists is at the forefront of deploying these advanced solutions, ensuring that every device we recommend is perfectly suited to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Today’s prescription hearing aids are more powerful, featuring long-lasting rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation, and the ability to stream music, phone calls, and audio from your smartphone, television, or PC to your hearing aids, amplifying not only your hearing but also your life.

Oticon and ReSound hearing aids at Arnold Hearing Centres

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Based on the manufacturer, model, age and condition - we’ll calculate a generous valuation on your devices that you could utilize as part of a trade-in towards new technology.

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Hearing Aid Myths And Facts

Myth: Personal sound amplifiers (PSAs) and hearing aids are the same things

Fact: Not exactly, the designed objective of PSAs are for recreational activities, increasing overall volume, but they are not able to adapt to the noise environment around you like hearing aids. Rather than help your hearing, these devices can damage your hearing and are not approved to replace hearing aids.

Myth: Hearing aids make everything sound too loud.

Fact: Thanks to advanced sound processing and noise-reduction technology, today’s hearing aids adapt to whatever sound environment you are in. Their advanced technology provides the best solution to address your unique type and severity of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle.

Myth: You can save time and money by buying hearing aids OTC, online, or by mail.

Fact: The best solution for your specific type and severity of hearing loss requires a professional hearing evaluation, which establishes your unique sound thresholds. Hearing aids need to be custom fitted and tested by a hearing care professional to be sure they are adequately meeting your needs.

Myth: Hearing aids are bulky and make people feel old.

Fact: Thanks to micro-digital technology, similar to what is used in your smartphone, hearing aids are smaller, lighter weight, and nearly invisible, but with ever-increasing power to improve hearing clarity. With the capabilities of today’s technology to fit all lifestyles, your hearing loss is apt to be more noticeable than your hearing aid!

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive

Fact: Well-fit, well-maintained devices, along with hearing care provided by a hearing care professional, seem expensive until you consider the consequences of leaving your hearing loss untreated.

Unaddressed hearing loss can lead to depression and anxiety, strained relationships, dementia, balance disorders, and decreased productivity, and improperly programmed PSAs or OTC hearing aids can add to the damage.

Myth: Hearing aids will cure my hearing loss.

Fact: Hearing aids are called “aids” because they help retrain your brain to pick up the sounds that hearing loss has conditioned it to miss, but they do not “cure” hearing loss. That’s why ongoing attention is a necessary and critical part of getting your hearing aids to work for you and with you.

Myth: I hear just fine out of my good ear, so I only need one hearing aid.

Fact: Our “good ear” is the one we learn to favor for the telephone or group conversations, which makes us believe that hearing in the better ear is normal when it really isn’t. Most types of hearing loss affect both ears equally, and nearly 90% of people with hearing challenges in one ear need hearing aids for both ears.

Myth: I only struggle with some but not all sounds, so I don’t need hearing aids.

Fact: Hearing loss is a loss of certain sounds, not all sounds, but if you’re missing some of the sounds, you’re missing all of the conversation. Hearing care professionals program hearing aids to amplify the sounds you’re missing and enhance the hearing that’s left.

Myth: Tinnitus is an incurable disease.

Fact: Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of a larger issue caused by things like exposure to loud noise and neurological damage. Though there is no cure, there are various proven management techniques that help reduce how tinnitus affects you and your lifestyle.

Arnold Hearing Centres makes it possible for you to choose from a wide range of technology and a host of available features from brand name manufacturers like Starkey, Bernafon, Phonak, and more.

Thanks to innovations in micro-digital and material technology, today’s hearing aids come in a variety of different sizes and colors to meet lifestyle and personal preferences.

A young man having his hearing aid fitted at Arnold Hearing Centres
A senior gentleman having his hearing aid fitted at Arnold Hearing Centres

A Variety of Prescription Hearing Aid Styles To Choose From

Arnold Hearing Centres makes it possible for you to choose from a wide range of technology and a host of available features from brand name manufacturers like Starkey, Bernafon, Phonak, and more. Thanks to innovations in micro-digital and material technology, today’s hearing aids come in a variety of different sizes and colours to meet lifestyle and personal preferences.

BTE hearing aids

BTE hearing aids have a similar design to older analogue hearing aids, but modern BTEs are the most flexible, adaptable, and powerful technology available and come in a lighter, more streamlined case that fits snugly on your ear. Processed sound arrives in the earpiece through discrete acoustic tubing.

Custom-formed earmolds provide a more comfortable fit in your outer ear, and open-canal earpieces eliminate the “plugged up” feeling some users experience. BTE style hearing aids feature easy adjustment with simple controls that allow you to program settings and volume levels to match your environment.

Mini BTE hearing aid

Mini BTEs fit behind the ear just like BTE units but use ultra-thin tubing to discreetly route sound into the ear. The so tip at the end of the tubing sits in the ear canal but doesn’t occlude it, producing a more natural, open feeling as airflow and sound enter the ear naturally around the tip, while amplified sound enters through the tip.

RITE hearing aid style

RITE hearing aids are a modification of BTE devices, but with the speaker of the instrument incorporated in the ear tip instead of in the main body of the instrument, allowing for a comfortable, open-fit design suited for nearly all types of hearing loss. Similar to the Mini BTE, they are smaller and lighter weight but pack more powerful technology to serve those with mild to severe hearing loss.

ITE hearing aid style

ITE instruments place BTE and RITE technology inside a hard plastic shell, molded to the unique contours of your outer ear canal. Full-shell in-the-ear technology produces powerful, clear sound for all degrees of treatable hearing loss and is a good choice for individuals who wear glasses or use an oxygen cannula.

Because they are larger, they are easy to adjust, come with larger rechargeable batteries, and feature device connectivity. A variety of sizes, colour options, and customizable controls are features of ITE devices

ITC hearing aid style

ITC hearing aids are smaller versions of ITE devices with many of the same benefits as ITE devices. They are custom-molded to fit farther into the ear canal rather than take up the larger outer ear area.

ITC devices allow you to be a bit more active because of their snug fit while offering more wearing discretion. Individuals with all types of treatable hearing loss can benefit from this style, which includes the capacity to customize external controls to fit your needs.

CIC hearing aid style

Going deeper, CIC devices are a bit smaller than ITC devices, making them subtle, comfortable, and discrete. They use a tiny clear plastic post for placement and removal, which requires some fine-dexterity but are ideal for activity-filled days with friends and family.

In addition, the deeper fit helps reduce wind interference for more natural hearing and greater clarity. People with mild to Moderate levels of treatable hearing loss can take advantage of these super discrete hearing instruments.

IIC hearing aid style

Custom molded for a snug fit near the second bend of the ear canal, IIC hearing aids are 100% invisible, digital, and fully programmable. They pack clarity and power into the tiniest of packages for the highest level of discretion and fit the most active lifestyles.

The most advanced sound-processing and noise-reduction technology with automatic environment adjustment are features of these devices. Individuals with mild to moderate degrees of hearing loss qualify for this style of device.

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