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Hearing Protection To Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is irreversible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not preventable. Knowing what damages your hearing, hearing protection, and prevention can help you continue hearing without interruption.

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise, known as noise-induced hearing loss, or NIHL. Repeated exposure to sound levels above 85 decibels (the sound of an idling bulldozer) or a single extreme noise event like an explosion (210 dB+) can cause permanent, irreparable hearing loss.

Arnold's hearing expert inspecting a senior male ear with ear otoscope

How Loud Is Too Loud?

The length of time your ears are exposed to sounds over 85 decibels without hearing protection will determine the damage to your hearing. At 85dB, you can be exposed for up to 8 hours without causing damage, but damage occurs with half the exposure time with each increase of 3 dB of sound intensity.

At 88 dB, damage occurs after 4 hours of ongoing exposure, at 91 dB, 2 hours, and at 94 dB, 1 hour. In less than 90 seconds of unprotected exposure to sounds at 110 dB, your ears experience damage, and damage can occur within 7 seconds when your ears are unprotected from intensity levels in excess of 120 dB.

In order to gain perspective, hearing professionals consider ongoing exposure to loud music through headphones (110 to 115 dB) particularly dangerous. Live concerts and nightclubs often exceed 135 dB; lawn equipment, chainsaws, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and power tools typically range between 90 dB and 110 dB, while discharging a firearm reaches levels in excess of 145 dB.

Custom Hearing Protection Products

NIHL occurs in all situations, from concerts to recreational sports, from your work environment to your personal life The right hearing protection will fit your specific lifestyle. Arnold Hearing Centres offer different styles of hearing protection depending on the various activities you take part in, like:

  • Music
  • Hunting and shooting
  • Motorcycling and snowmobiling
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Listening to music through your personal player
  • Swimming (though not related to NIHL)

Benefits Of Custom Hearing Protection

Custom molded hearing protection offers a more secure fit and ensures that your hearing protection stays in place during the activity you’re involved in. Each specific type of hearing protection device provides additional benefits specifically related to their use, such as:

  • Accurate frequency response with a full range of sounds, but at a reduced volume.
  • Vented to allow sound to pass both ways to prevent reverberation inside of your ears.
  • Precision-engineered filters for specific, measurable protection and more natural sound.
  • The use of medical-grade silicone allows for extended wearing without discomfort.
  • Replaceable sound filters allow you to select the level of sound protection you need for each situation.
A senior gentleman discussing hearing protection needs with a female hearing expert

Hearing loss can be a direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity, or simply exposure to loud sounds. As each ear is unique, we offer a custom-fit solution for the right fit. Custom-fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments.

Swim Plugs - $260/pair*

Though not related to NIHL, swim plugs are recommended for those that suffer from swimmer’s ear or have ear tubes. The custom fit of the swim plugs helps prevent water from entering the ear canal.

Sleep Plugs - $285/pair*

Light sleepers or those that can’t stand snoring can benefit from custom sleep plugs. The sleep plug is designed to limit most noise but allows important sounds (such as the telephone and fire alarm) still to be heard.

Musician's Plugs - $390/pair*

Musicians need to hear what’s going on around them, but too much volume can damage their hearing. Custom musician’s plugs allow us to insert filters, so the ear can hear what it needs to without causing damage.

Noise Plugs - $285/pair*

Working in a noisy environment over time can put you at risk for early hearing loss. Custom noise plugs are meant to fit comfortably and stay put for many hours while blocking out harmful noises.

Electronic Hearing Protection (price varies by product selected)

SoundGear™ is a complete line of 100% digital products that both enhance environmental awareness while also instantly and automatically protecting your ears from loud noises like gun blasts, engines, or industrial equipment and tools. Available in three styles, SoundGear represents the latest advancements in electronic hearing protection. Visit SoundGear.com for more information.

For the Phone (price varies by product selected)

People in call centers or whose job requires a lot of time on the phone can benefit from custom earphone molds that are comfortable and less likely to fall out while helping you hear phone conversations more clearly.

Occupational Communication (price varies by product selected)

We offer a variety of custom earmolds and in-ear monitors to provide the clearest communication for a number of professional uses — including newscasters, pilots, doctors, race car drivers, and more.

*Plus applicable shipping fees

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Protecting your ears from noise-induced hearing loss is the best way to ensure that you can avoid ongoing hearing challenges brought on by work, recreational activities, and lifestyle choices.

We can help keep you hearing what you love with customized hearing protection.

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