Hearing loss is often assumed to be a challenge that older people get—which makes sense, as age-related hearing loss is one of the leading causes for hearing loss across the nation—but plenty of younger people struggle with hearing loss too, especially children.

The World Health Organization recently suggested that by 2050, global hearing loss numbers are likely to double, and all of those numbers won’t just be older people!

Why Is Our Children’s Hearing at Risk?

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is just as it sounds: hearing loss caused by excessive noise exposure. However, rather than a sudden blast of sound damaging the eardrum (which is just one way NIHL can occur), most people acquire NIHL through prologued noise exposure over a longer period.

Motorcycles, chainsaws, concerts, busy restaurants and, of course, personal headphones – there’s more ways than ever for us to gradually damage our hearing, and our kids often don’t realize what an impact these can have on their hearing until they need to turn the TV up louder.

Volume + duration = damage. Even a few decibels over 85 can cause the ear’s cells to become overworked and die. While personal headphones let you control the volume, the loudest settings can reach up to 120 dB – the same volume as a rock concert!

Children these days are always interacting with technology – which makes us sound old-timey, but it’s true! Without realizing it, they’re causing a lot of damage to their ears and their hearing health.

We know more than anyone how it’s hard not to worry and think the worst when your child’s health is at stake, especially if you’ve noticed they aren’t engaging or listening like they used to. But with the help of professional hearing care, you can get your child’s hearing tested and look into solutions for their potential hearing loss challenge.

How Arnold Hearing Centres Can Help Your Children

If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing, you’re in the right place. From one parent to another, nothing is more important than the healthy growth of your child – we get it, completely!

Our pediatric services are specifically tailored to make sure your child’s comfort is a top priority. Every step is designed to be relaxing and welcoming for you and your child, which ensures that we can do our job properly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s hearing, or the hearing of a loved one, please feel free to request a callback from us. By filling out the form, we can contact you for a no-obligations chat about whatever questions you may have.

Don’t want to wait? Find your closest hearing centre and call us to schedule an appointment.

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